It takes a lot

to always be on form

2 April 1974
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I love my profession even if my personal style runs more toward Bettie Page than Nurse Ratched, but what I do is no longer up for discussion (stupid flock!gate of '07). I have a graduate degree in my chosen profession that no one can take away from me! I have been knitting and spinning since childhood, and I am thrilled about the craft revival going on- more and better yarn for everybody! This account is a way for me to leave comments on other people's lj accounts. It is simply a way for me to say thank you to all those out there in fandom who have provided me with some of the best reading material I have had in years (no books for me!), and a way of acknowledging the creative and talented wordsmiths that do what I wish I could.

I am a former editor and English teacher, so I also enjoy betaing other people's work. I miss working with creative types, and this is my way of giving back for reading so much great fic!

My user name comes from a late-night and not-entirely-sober conversation about what our superhero names would be based on something we can do that no one else can (nothing dirty, you pervs, although that was discussed!). I am able to do the same monotonous, tedious tasks over and over for hours without getting bored or annoyed- thus Monotony Girl to the rescue!

And if you're only as old as you feel, then I still have to remind myself that I am old enough to drink legally.